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Sad Day At NFX. 09-09-07

Today we officially say bye to Coweaterc, and Th3NaRRoW. For those of you found greener pastures, good luck. For those of you who are sick of the game. All the best. To all of you have fun and enjoy gaming.

Sarin's Suspension Lifted 03-09-07

Sarin mah man, I am glad to say that your suspension has been lifted. On the meagre evidence that Valve gives us we can't condem you.

Sarin Soldat Suspended 28-08-07

Sarin-Soldat has been suspended until it can be proven that he did not infact cheat in Counter Strike Source. We are in comunication with Valve on the matter.

Clan members removed. 28-08-07

Drag-on-sa has been removed from the clan due to a permanent ban from SGS. Th3_slashdogs has also been removed due to inactivity without notification.

New Clan Member. 21-08-07

After a few of our member left the clan we have been inviting new members. I would like to welcome our newest member. Mattress-Man, I hope you enjoy the stay with =NFX=

No new registrations. 16-06-07

The =NFX= Clan regrets to inform players that we are not recruiting any more clan members at this stage. We will notify everyone once we start again. Thank you.

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