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New Clan Members. 15-06-07

Welcome, welcome to both Junz2 and Vitblitz. I hope you enjoy your stay with the clan.

New clan member. 02-06-07

The =NFX= clan members would like to welcome SilentBoB37 to the clan. I am sure you will enjoy your stay with us.

Clannie name change. 02-06-07

Formerly known as Sarin-Wolf will now be known as Sarin-Soldat.

Welcome Pandemonium_x. 15-05-07

A warn welcome to our newest clan member, Pandemonium_x. Once you get past most of our insanity then you will fit right in :)

SGS knife fights. 15-05-07

In the light of Sarin begin banned please take notice that you are not allowed to start knife fights on a ranked server. This is a EA rule, which is not on the SGS ROE.

Welcome KnifeMode. 13-05-07

Welcome to our newest clan member, I know you will enjoy our company and matches.

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