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BF2142 V1.25 Patch is out. 25-04-07

A new patch has arrived and promises allot of fixes. I for one am glad to see the big list of fixes. Check the release notes.

Download it at ClanServers - INT

From SGS Server - LOCAL FTP

Welcome Sarin-Wolf. 23-04-07

I would love to Welcome our newest member to the clan, Sarin-Wolf. May we go places with the game that we love playing.

Welcome Nirv4sh.14-04-07

I am sure all the clan members are happy to have you in the clan. May we grow strong and beat all our opponents.

Welcome Th3SlaShDoGs. 22-03-07

Hey look another clan member, Welcome Th3SlaShDoGs. I hope you will enjoy what we enjoy with us :).

Welcome Neon27. 20-03-07

Another warm welcome to our newest clan member, Neon27. Hope you enjoy the stay with the clan and find a friend in each one of us.

Welcome Coweaterc. 12-03-07

Welcome to Coweaterc to the clan on behalf of all the clan members. I hope you enjoy the stay with us :).

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