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The best BF2 mod ever, Reality Mod. 11-03-07

This is probably the best mod ever made for BF2. I wish that the original game was like this and we could have a local server.

( Go to the oficial website )

Northern Strike. 10-03-07

EA recently released the new booster pack called Northern Strike. Visit the official web site to see more details of Northern Strike.

( EA Official Northern Strike Web Page )

BF2142 V1.20 Pacth. 06-03-07

The new BF2142 patch has been released a while ago, here is a quick link to the patch which you will need to be able to play alone side us.

( Download The Patch Now )

Welcome Th3NaRRoW. 23-02-07

A warm welcome to Th3NaRRoW from all the =NFX= clan members. I hope you enjoy playing with us and that we have a TOP NOTCH clan.

Welcome BritishKfC. 06-02-07

A warm welcome to BritishKfC from all the =NFX= clan members. We are going to PWN all :), seriously I must say we are at a great stage now. Now it's just developement.

Welcome dyslexic. 05-02-07

A warm welcome to dyslexic from all the =NFX= clan members. It's awesome to see how the clan has grown in the past few weeks.

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