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Welcome Vince 12th. 04-02-07

A warm welcome to Vince 12th from all the =NFX= clan members. Hopefully SGS will sort out the clan server and admins so we can start playing some clannies.

Welcome inVisaGe. 22-01-07

A warm welcome to inVisaGe from all the =NFX= clan members.

Welcome Diablovtse. 22-01-07

Welcome to Diablovtse on behalf of all the NFX clan members, I hope we kick some ass together...

Welcome FaTrAtRuStY. 19-01-07

Welcome to FaTrAtRuStY, as the clan is growing I would love to play alon side all of you, infact the sooner the better.

Welcome Vortex. 17-01-07

A warm welcome Vortex from all the NFX members, I know we will grow and be prosperous together.

Welcome W1doMaka. 01-01-07

A warm welcome to W1doMaka from all the NFX members, I know that you will enjoy pwning with us :)

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