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Crysis 2 MP anti camper feature
20 February 2011

-Dog Tags/Killstreaks: Then you have dog tags, dog tags are earned by killing enemy players, now what does collecting dog tags even do? Well, when you collect a set number of dog tags without dying, you'll be able to unlock a bonus/killstreak.

For example, if you collect 3 dog tags without dying, you can unlock the ability to scan the entire map of enemies, or if you collect 5 dog tags without dying, you'll be able to unlock a killstreak that activates an orbital laser that kills your enemies from above.

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-=NFX=- welcomes S-Cooki & Khakibos
16 February 2011

NFX welcomes or two newest members! We know you guys will make us proud, have fun and enjoy your stay.

-=NFX=- is recruiting for Crysis2 and BF3
11 February 2011

We are recrtuiing for the next -=NFX=- BF3 Team

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Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!!
24 December 2010

We would like to wish everyone a Merry and blessed Xmas and a Happy new year.

May you enjoy the festive season with your family and friends. Try and let those closest to you know just how special they are to you.

Lastly do what you can to ensure that you are there to spend more time with them next year by not drinking and driving.

Kind Regard,

The NFX Family!

Hosting Move
28 October 2010

Hey All

We are on the new server!!, for the next couple of hours it will unfortunately jump between the two servers. So it might be on and off intermittendly for today still.

We will be back soon though.

NFX Team

NFX is moving
27 October 2010

Our forums are off while we are moving hosting to , please bear with us as the move is to get the best possible hosting services we can.

We will be back fighting very soon.

Kind Regards,

Rudi and the NFX team

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