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Battlefield Bad Company 2
16 March 2010

So Bad Company 2 is finally here. It truely is a great game when it doesn't crash to the desktop or disconnects you or lags. Hopefully EA will get all the bugs fixed unlike BF2 and BF2142.

Exitement in the air
1 March 2010

I am sure as with us, everyone is awaiting Battlefield Bad Company 2's arrival in angst and anticipation. Fear not my friends, the time is close.

2 new members to -=NFX=-
20 February 2010

2 new members to the family: Commando171 and Krypto9t Enjoy your stay, have fun NFX FTW

-=NFX=- Welcomes
10 February 2010

2 new trial members:

Krypto9t &

Wear your tags with pride and enjoy a taste of the familia

-=NFX=- Welcomes
29 January 2010

A new member to the family: BrokenArrow Enjoy your stay, have fun NFX FTW

Server Moved
21 November 2009

Thanks to Cybersmart for the move to the new server. We are indeed liking the new server allot. Big up Zack my man.

Dr. Pain [+]

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